Cotton End Baptist Church

Leadership Team

Welcome to the Cotton End Baptist Church leadership team. Our leadership is structured in a way that we believe best supports our vision at CEBC to 'Know God and Make God known'.

To find out more about our leadership team and their roles, click on the links below:
Angela Stimson
Rob Case
Matt Barber
Mark Boscher
We are currently in the process of seeking a new minister.  We have been seeking a minister since September 2014 and waiting on the Lord to bring a person of His choice to us.
Angela Stimson
Angela is the "Church Secretary". That is the equivalent of "Company Secretary". She is contactable via our contact page.  Angela says "If you have a question please email me and I will either get you an answer or put you in touch with the best person to help you".

She is passionate about care of the elderly as well as the role of women in the church. Angela is a keen gardener.
  • Favourite Holiday Destination? - You can chill out by just travelling twenty miles down the road you don't have to go half way across the world its the simple things in life that give pleasure.
  • Favourite bible character? - Ruth, a women of undoubted inner strength
  • Which would you prefer?
    • Bangers n Mash or Fish n chips? - Either, as long as its prepare for me
    • Football or Rugby? - Neither
    • Reading a good book or watching a good film? - hmmm?
    • Chocolate Gateau or Apple Crumble? - Any pud will do me
Rob Case
Rob is married to Lou and they have two adult children. Rob and Lou are both involved in working with the young folk in the church and Messy Church. 
    • Favourite Holiday Destination? -
    • Favourite bible character? -
    • Which would you prefer?
      • Bangers n Mash or Fish n chips?
      • Football or Rugby? - Definitely football
      • Reading a good book or watching a good film? -
      • Chocolate Gateau or Apple Crumble? - 
Matt Barber
Matt was brought up in our Church. Matt is heavily involved in leading worship and heads up the Worship Group. He and his wife Nicki have two children. Their teenage son plays the drums in the group. Matt enjoys spending time with his family, walking, cycling & when he gets the opportunity -sailing. Matt is also Facilities Co-ordinator, helps lead the Bible Studies and co-ordinate Mens Fellowship. He is passionate about exploring the Bible and encouraging discipleship.
  • Favourite Holiday Destination? - Madeira in February to get the Sunshine.
  • Favourite bible character? - Jesus first, then Paul
  • Which would you prefer?
    • Bangers n Mash or Fish n chips? - Fish n chips
    • Football or Rugby? - Football
    • Reading a good book or watching a good film? -A Film
    • Chocolate Gateau or Apple Crumble? - Apple Crumble, but I'm really a savoury person.
Mark Boscher
Mark is married to Julie and they are both very actively involved in the church. They head up our Alpha Courses and have a strong heart for Pastoral Care. Mark was born in New Zealand and supports the All Blacks for Rugby. But he was raised in Guernsey and supports England for football. It might not be logical, but that's how it is. Mark works for a charity that helps people with Multiple Sclerosis.

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